Conference Programs

November 6-7

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3D Cell Culture

November 7-8

Phenotypic Screening

Screening & Functional Analysis of 3D Models

2017 Featured Speakers

Fabien Vincent, Ph.D.
Pfizer Global Research & Development
Šeila Selimović, Ph.D.
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), NIH
Murat Cirit, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
D. Lansing Taylor
University of Pittsburgh
Kristin Fabre, Ph.D.
Philip Nelson, Ph.D.

About the Event

Now in its fifteenth year, Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s High-Content Analysis & 3D Screening Conference will deliver the most recent developments in high-content and phenotypic screening. Leading pharma and academic researchers will focus on advancements in HCA technologies and applications, including screening of 3D and physiologically-relevant cellular models, data analysis techniques, and case studies and strategies for successful drug discovery. The expanded 3-day coverage on 3D cellular models and 3D screening will present the latest in spheroid, organoid and organotypic cell culture, and organ-on-a-chip technologies for drug screening, toxicity testing, and disease modeling. Please join us at CHI’s longest-running event dedicated to cutting-edge cellular screening!

What’s New in 2017

  • Understand the latest deep learning and data analysis techniques for phenotypic screening data from Google
  • Hear from leaders in the field of high-content analysis, phenotypic screening, and 3D modeling during focused breakout discussion groups
  • Explore the use of bioprinting in engineering organ-on-a-chip models
  • Engage with leaders from academia, pharma and the NIH to discuss 3D model barriers and opportunities
  • Hear the latest work in phenotypic screening of 3D models
  • Understand applications of 3D models for disease modeling, toxicity testing, and drug screening



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