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Mark your calendar for 2013 

Tenth Annual High-Content AnalysisJanuary 8-11, 2013
The Fairmont Hotel
San Francisco, California 

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High-Content Analysis 2012 feedback 

“This is a fantastic meeting that definitely will change the way I do science in the coming years.”
James J., University of British Columbia 

“An excellent opportunity to learn advanced methods of high-content analysis and engage new collaborations for those who develop technology or sell technology, and for end-users who want to adopt these technologies.”
Ray T., McMaster University 

“The science was really ‘high in content.’ Meets and exceeds expectations. A must for beginners in HCS.”
Anurag V., Daiichi Sankyo 

“As a newcomer to the high-content field, the HCA conference was incredibly helpful in learning the capabilities of cutting-edge instruments, assays, analysis algorithms, and data management solutions. The entire community was surprisingly forthcoming with pearls and pitfalls learned through experience that can often save months of assay development!”
Christopher H., Amgen 

“No other single HCA meeting is able to capture the latest advancements in HCA as well as this one can, on all levels, from data analysis to groundbreaking image visualization techniques.”
Ralph G., Park Bioventures 

“A must-attend for HCA users and providers!”
Sara D., Northwestern University 

“The best HCA meeting of the year, covering all aspects of HCA and HCS.”
Marjo G., Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research 

Cambridge Healthtech Institute's High-Content Analysis 2012 (HCA) was held January 10-13, 2012 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California 

More than 350 people across Pharma, Biotechnology and Academia came together in San Francisco to discuss applications and technologies in the field of High-Content Analysis (HCA) and Screening. The event featured User group meetings and an advanced short course, as well as a co-located meeting on Live-Cell Imaging. Now in its tenth year, HCA continues to deliver the answers as well as the attendance. This year featured participants from 21 different countries, representing 182 different organizations with more than 20% of the attendance from Pharmaceutical companies. The event also featured a good networking blend of Scientists (60%) and Executives (20%). More than 40% of the particiants were decision makers. 

We hope you make plans to join us in 2013 

The most COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE of HCA applications and technologies. 



  • HCA for Toxicity Assessment and Drug Screening 
  • High-Content Image Analysis and Data Management 
  • HCA for Pathway Analysis and RNAi 
  • HCA of Stem Cells, Tissues, and Whole Organisms 
  • 3-D Cell Models 
  • Neuronal Imaging 
  • High-Content Flow Cytometry 
  • Novel Probes and Biosensors 
  • High-Content Screening of Live Cells 
  • Miniaturization Approaches 

Sponsored Webinar

December 13, 2011
11 am-12 pm EST

Impact of High-Content Analysis on Regenerative Medicine 

Advanced High-Content Analysis Course 

January 9, 2012 

User Group Meetings 

January 10 and 12, 2012 

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Live-Cell Imaging 

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