High-Content Analysis User Group Meetings: 


GE Healthcare Logo9:00am - 12:30pm   GE Healthcare User Group Meeting

Similar to our previous symposia, this exclusive event will focus on bringing together researchers from industry and academia to further explore new imaging and analysis tools from high content analysis to super-resolution imaging. In particular, we are keen to explore how recent breakthroughs in these areas can contribute to drug discovery, research and healthcare advances. 

As a leader in Life Sciences, GE Healthcare is committed to develop and promote opportunities in the areas of cellular sciences. Similar to our previous MEETINGS, the focus of this event will be to bring together thought leaders to support our continued exploration of new and improved imaging and analysis tools for cell biology, with a focus on High Content, Super-Resolution Imaging, and Cellular Models; additionally, we will expand this year’s agenda toward the future of workflow, data integration and regulatory requirements by including leaders from our growing Cellular Discoveries segment. 


8:30-9:00am      Continental Breakfast

9:00am               Greeting and Introduction
                           Ellie Mahjubi, MBA, Modality Leader

                           Seeing the Light; Future Perspectives in Cell Imaging
 Stephen Minger, Ph.D., R&D Leader

                           Leveraging Innovation in Bioimaging, Informatics, and Data Management to Support
                           Drug Discovery Using Complex Biological Systems 
                           Zhuyin (Julie) Li, Ph.D., Biology Team Leader, Division of Preclinical Innovation, National Center
                           for Advancing Translational Sciences, NIH

                           Imaging and Characterization of Patient -Derived Breast Tumor Spheroids With Cancer
                           Stem Cell Characteristics
                           Fredika M. Robertson, Ph.D., Co-Director, Experimental Therapeutics Academic Program, The University
                           of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


                           Applications in Basic and Translational Research
                           Justin D. Boyd, Ph.D., Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center

                           Will HCS Change the Drug Discovery Paradigm?
                           Christophe Antczak, Ph.D., Assistant Director, HTS Core Facility, Memorial Sloan-Kettering
                           Cancer Center

                           High-Content Analysis of Tubulin Polymerization Status as a Screening Tool to Assess
                           Drug-Induced Cytotoxicity
                           Chi Sum, Ph.D., Bristol-Myers Squibb

12:30-1:30pm     Sit Down Lunch in the Fountain Room  

Reservations: There is no charge to attend the forum, but space is limited and pre-registration is required. For more information and to register, please contact Ellie Mahjubi at ellie.mahjubi@ge.com.

MolecularDevices_New9:00am - 2:00pm   Molecular Devices User Group Meeting

Want to improve your high content screening experience? Then join influential and respected scientists at our annual users meeting at CHI’s 10th Annual High-Content Analysis Conference. Speakers will discuss how they are targeting unique applications and accelerating their discoveries. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences regarding key applications, tips and tricks, as well as discuss challenging assays. 

We will be introducing our MetaXpress 5.0 Software for HCS Systems, which lets you build the analysis you want and run it at blazing speed with these exciting features:
•              Interactive analysis creation
•              single-click object identification
•              Clear phase contrast segmentation
•              Automated image import and data export
•              OME and 3rd party formats compatible


Multiplexed, High-Throughput, Single Cell Analysis of Pancreatic Beta-Cell Fate Decisions
James D. Johnson, Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Imaging the Posttranslationally-Modified State of Cellular Proteins
Xinxin Gao, Ph.D., Genentech

High-Content Cell-Based Assays as a Tool to Identify Novel Taste Molecules
Yuliya Kurash, Ph.D., PepsiCo.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Viability Assay Kits: High Content Imaging Distinguishes Cytostatics From Selective Antivirals
Andrew E. Greenstein, Ph.D., Gilead

New Tools for Accelerating HCS
Grischa Chandy, Ph.D.

New Tools for Generating Custom Analysis
Paula Gedraitis, Ph.D.

A Versatile, Bar-Coded Nuclear Marker/Reporter for Live Cell Fluorescent and Multiplexed High Content Imaging
Fred Schaufele, UCSF

Application of Molecular Devices HCA Tools for Antibody Drug Discovery at Regeneron
Julian Andreev, Ph.D., Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Development, Characterization, and Application of Human iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes, Neurons, and Hepatocytes Using the ImageXpress Micro High Content Screening System
Vanessa L. Ott, Cellular Dynamics International, Inc

Reservations:  There is no charge to attend the forum, but space is limited and pre-registration is required.  Reserve your seat now at http://info.moleculardevices.com/acton/fs/blocks/showLandingPage/a/2560/p/p-0086/t/page/fm/0

For more information regarding the meeting, please contact Candace.Anderson@moldev.com.

PerkinElmer NEW 2009 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm   PerkinElmer User Group Meeting

High content analysis has come to play a pivotal role in both academic research and drug discovery.

Join the PerkinElmer user group to learn from your peers how high content imaging can be used for accelerating research, for example in cancer and infectious diseases, and why it is an ideal tool for the renaissance of phenotypic screening.

Find out about how the Opera® High Content Screening System and Operetta® High Content Imaging System can be used to analyze increasingly complex biological models for cancer or hepatotoxicity such as 3D microtissues. Discover how PerkinElmer’s portfolio now comprising agents such as HypoxiSense™ and instruments such as Operetta system, Vectra™ Multispectral Slide Analysis System or IVIS® Preclinical Imaging System can enable translational research from the cellular level to the in vivo context. Hear how software such as Volocity® 3D Image Analysis Software, Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System, and Inform™ Tissue Analysis Software can help analyzing complex phenotypes and sharing data throughout your organization.


2:00pm – 2:10pm     Welcome & Introduction

2:10pm – 2:40pm     Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - 6 Months
                                 with the Operetta
 Terry Hébert, Ph.D., McGill University Canada

2:40pm – 3:10pm     Meeting the Challenges of HCI in Drug Discovery
 Ghislain Bonamy, Ph.D., Novartis Institute of Tropical Diseases, Singapore  

3:10pm – 3:30pm     Putting the “More” back in Morphology: Quantitating Multiple Protein Expressions in
                                 Intact Tissue Sections

                                 Maciej Zerkowski, Applications Scientist, PerkinElmer

3:30pm – 4:00pm     Coffee Break 

4:00pm – 4:30pm     High-Throughput Imaging for the Quantitative Study of the Cellular Phenotype
                                 of Infection
                                 Gianluca Pegoraro, Ph.D., USAMRIID

4:30pm – 4:50pm     Pushing the Boundaries of 3D Microtissues Analysis Using High Content Imaging
 Karin Böttcher, Ph.D., PerkinElmer
4:50pm – 5:20pm     Examining Stem Cell Differentiation and Protein Localization Using Automated
                                 Image Clustering

                                 David W. Andrews, Ph.D., McMaster University  

5:20pm – 5:50pm     Computer-Aided 2D and 3D Quantification of Human Stem Cell Fate from in vitro 
                                 Samples Using Volocity High Performance Image Analysis Software 
                                 Katja Piltti, Ph.D., University of California, Irvine 

5:50pm – 6:00pm     Wrap Up

Reservations: There is no charge to attend the forum, but space is limited and pre-registration is required. For more information and to register, please visit www.perkinelmer.com/hca2013


Thermo Fisher Scientific 

2:30 pm - 7:00 pm    Thermo Scientific User Group Meeting

Revolutionizing the World of High Content

Learn how Thermo Scientific products are revolutionizing cell biology and enabling scientists in both industry and academia to use the power of high content to uncover the unknown.High content has established itself as a fundamental part of the “biological revolution” and the knowledge generated by high content is providing better decision making in life science, which in turn is improving productivity and leading to a better biological understanding of disease. Over14 years of experience has enabled us to generate the technology necessary for robust quantitative cell imaging. 

Speaking will be some of the leaders in this high content revolution who have successfully used Thermo Scientific’s High Content Solutions to push the boundaries of cell biology. New technology will be revealed which allows current research to move in a unique direction. 

• Network with other high content users and learn from their experiences
• Explore various high content applications used in academia and industry
• Learn how Thermo Fisher Scientific is revolutionizing high content with innovative technology
• Discover how to increase productivity by maximizing your platform’s functionality
• Participate in helping us understand what new technology we can generate to help you get your answers


1:45pm - 2:30pm      Registration

2:30pm-  3:10pm      Opening Presentations

3:10pm - 4:10pm      Scientific Presentations

4:10pm - 4:30pm      Break

4:30pm - 6:10pm      Cellome Award and Scientific Presentations

6:10pm - 7:00pm      Commercial Presentations

7:00pm - 10:00pm    Cocktail Party and Hors d'oeuvres

Reservations: It is our pleasure to offer cocktails and hors d'oeuvres following this collaborative user group event. For an agenda and to reserve your seat, please register at http://events.SignUp4.com/HCA2013